4 Reasons to Use Asphalt Pavers in Texas

Whether it’s a large sidewalk or a small seating area, asphalt pavers offer a fabulous alternative to concrete. Asphalt has a proven track record when it comes to smoothness and noise reduction. 

Not only that, asphalt is the only material that can be used to create a Perpetual Pavement – a long-lasting structural design.  

And it doesn’t stop there.

Here are 4 big reasons why Texas should use asphalt pavers for its streets. 


Streets and sidewalks are busy places. In other words – accidents can and do happen. However, unlike concrete which can have a slippery surface, asphalt offers more grip. Therefore, it provides a much safer surface for sidewalks. 

Asphalt pavers are also smoother, which also helps eliminate any trip hazards.

Asphalt paving also provides a contrast in color between the road and the sidewalk. By boosting drivers’ visibility, fewer accidents are likely to occur. And because asphalt is dark, any snow or ice that may unexpectedly fall melts away quickly. 

In short, for safety reasons, Texas should use asphalt pavers for its streets. 


At TexAsphalt, we build and lay pavers quickly, saving our clients costs. Asphalt is also a much cheaper alternative to concrete and stone. Equally, asphalt is less prone to cracking than concrete.

And here’s the thing. 

Even if it does crack, we can repair any damage quickly and easily. Instead of replacing an entire concrete slab, individual pavers can be taken up and repaired, significantly reducing costs. 

TexAsphalt offers a more affordable solution for pavers in Texas. 


Asphalt pavers can be up to 4 times stronger than concrete. 

Think about it. 

When it comes to sidewalks, strength is essential. Think about all the traffic that travels down them daily – people, wheelchairs, strollers, and buggies, to name just a few. 

Doesn’t it make sense to use a long-lasting and durable product for our pavers in Texas? At TexAsphalt, we think so. 

Asphalt pavers are not only strong, but they’re also flexible. Pavers contain a bridging action that is capable of withholding ongoing wear and tear. They also look aesthetically pleasing, creating a pleasant environment.


According to Culture Map, Texas is one of the worst 10 states when it comes to the environment. 

That doesn’t sound good, does it? 

But here’s the thing. 

We can start to change that step-by-step, starting by switching to asphalt. 

Asphalt is 100% recyclable and uses 20% less energy to create. By using asphalt as pavers in Texas streets, we can move towards sustainability. 

Not only is asphalt recyclable, but it’s also easy to remove in sections if any underground pipework maintenance needs to be carried out. This prevents the use of heavy machinery and the destruction of entire sidewalks. 

TexAsphalt are the go-to experts for asphalt pavers in Texas

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