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Concrete can support heavy loads, it’s typically used in areas such as dumpster pads or loading areas. Long-lasting concrete requires very little maintenance over decades of service life, for curbs, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. It is also used for drainage areas because it doesn’t absorb water and lasts longer than other construction materials. We can help you decide the best material and approach for any area you’re considering. Concrete in Austin TX Car Stops & Bollards in Austin.

Concrete Car Stops

Concrete car stops are placed in a parking stall to minimize the possibility of damage to both property and the vehicle.  Car stops should be placed at the far edge of the parking space, where they'll be in the path of a vehicles tires.  Never place a car stop in the center of the stall, the width of many vehicles will allow the automobile to roll right over it possibly damaging critical underside components.  One 4ft car stop is usually placed in each stall, whereas 6ft car stops are typically split between two parking spaces.  In most cases, when car stops are placed on asphalt pavement, they are anchored with two 12 inch long #5 rebar pins driven into the pavement.  


Bollards are used to delineate the spaces between pedestrian walkways and parking lots, such as outside stores. This helps to protect people walking into the store from errant vehicles. Used like this, bollards can also help prevent vehicles from crashing into buildings.

  • Bollards can be painted any color.
  • Set and filled with Concrete
  • Many different sizes
  • Can be removable and lockable
  • Surface mounts are another option when on concrete.

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